The NHL comes as position five among the most popular sports in North America. The league draws a lot of fans who anticipate knowing the winner of the league’s Stanley Cup in every season. Different clubs have had at least one chance to take the cup home, but there are those teams who keep proving to be the best in the game. Here are the top three Stanley Cup champions in the NHL history.

1. The Montreal Canadiens

The Canadiens are the most famous Stanley Cup champions having won the cup 24 times. This number is so dominant that the number two team follows them almost halfway behind with 13 wins. The most outstanding team of the Canadiens was the 1976-77 team, who entirely dominated the league from the beginning to the final game. They had a total of 387 goals in that season and had a fantastic 60-8-12 win.

2. The Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs come in second with 13 Stanley Cup wins. This is the total sum of triumphs, including under the name Toronto Arenas and the Toronto St Pats. Though their last ever win was in 1967, the team still shows a lot of zeal and stamina on the field. With a bit of improvement and better planning, there is no doubt that, maybe, they could once again find their way to the top.

3. The Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings follow the Maple Leafs closely with 11 Stanley Cup wins. The first-ever win was in 1936 with the most recent one in 2008. The 1997-98 team is the most outstanding of all, having won the cup twice in a row.


Other than the top three teams, none other has come close to over ten Stanley Cup Wins. The Boston Bruins only come in at position four with six wins, which still needs four championships to get to the fantastic ten.