Do you want to learn some juicy facts about the NHL? Do you want to impress your friends with your encyclopedic knowledge of NHL players and teams in America and Canada? Then this is the site that brings you all that information.

What is the NHL?

This section highlights some major historical events around the formation, development and expansion of the NFL. It begins with facts about the cradle of the NHL and its growth into a league consisting of more than 100 teams. It also has some intriguing facts about the most coveted prize in the NHL, the Stanley Cup.

NHL and Its Roots

This section now dives deeper into the history of the NHL and traces various events like the history of the NHL in America. It also covers recent events like the introduction of outdoor hockey games. It is a scintillating read that shows that even though the NHL was formed in Canada its popularity extends beyond its borders.

Famous profiles

Every game has the players that make it to the Hall of fame. In this section you get to know which players made a mark in history. It features both American players as well as Canadian players so you are in a for a treat.

News from NHL

Draft picks are crucial in history since they impact the odds of teams winning matches. This is why this section has an in depth review of the 2019 draft picks.

Popular Teams to Win The Stanley Cup

This section profiles all the popular teams that have ever won the Stanley cup.